Business Planning & Finance

For businesses situated within the South Wales area there is the availability of substantial grant assistance. We at Harris Bassett have the knowledge of what is available and the specific qualifying conditions.

Commercial finance

If your business is seeking loan or overdraft finance for expansion, capital investment, equipment purchase or merely survival then Harris Bassett can ensure that your project has the best chance of success. We have developed close working relations with the majority of the banks and other financial lenders in Swansea and West Wales and as a result can give you an immediate assessment of the likely success of your project.

Business Plans

Whether you are seeking to raise finance, obtain a grant or merely for budgeting purposes, you will need to prepare a business plan. Harris Bassett have many years’ experience in the writing of effective business plans. We adopt a policy of writing each plan specifically for the company concerned rather than trying to achieve a “best fit” by using an “off the shelf” package.

Additionally our staff have a wealth of experience which can be channelled into developing a plan that is both attractive to an investor and realistic in terms of anticipated performance.

The business plan is only the first stage in the fund raising process. A clear understanding is required of the pitfalls in the entire process and the specific needs of the lenders. Many a plan has been brought to our attention which has failed because of the way the information in the plan was presented, rather than the project not being viable. At Harris Bassett we believe in providing not only assistance in the writing of the plan but also being present throughout the fund-raising negotiations.


Business acquisition or sales require a valuation, as do changes in the shareholdings within a company. Our business experience, gained over many years, can be of invaluable assistance in the negotiation process.